As a Muslim woman, the kidnap in Nigeria has shaken my faith

I posted a comment –

Thank you for the post Huma. I am sorry that your faith has been shaken by the kidnapping of these girls and the forced marriage that you had to endure. But as I understand my religion, these kidnappings and forcing a woman to marry against her will, are not of Islam.

But that still does not help really. You wonder why Allah (swt) has not saved these girls, or even saved you. From what I understand is that life is a test, it is like a dream we will wake up from and then have to stand and face judgement on the choices we make. It seems to me a very individual journey and some have safety, wealth and beauty, while others have a terrible struggle. Each situation is a test. I do believe this.

As a woman myself, I have felt anger and dismay at the situation with those kidnapped girls, with FGM, with forced marriage. But I recognize that it is not about Islam, it is about ignorance and following ‘culture’. And Boko Haram, well, they know what they fight for, but I do not recognize Islam in it, or I should say, not Islam as I know it. They are like strangers to me. They are humans who I believe are in error.

So they have shaken your faith. Then this is the time to pray to Allah (swt) to strengthen your faith and ask for patience, to be steadfast and that you and all the believers persevere in these trying times for surely we are being tested. And we have to depend on Him. Really depend on Him to get us through it and learn lessons from what is happening around us.

Anyone can say they are Muslim, but that does not make it so.

Media Diversified

by Huma Munshi

As a Muslim woman, I have some things in common with atheists. I wonder where God is when people are being murdered and brutalised. Where is God when theyoung girlsin Nigeria were kidnapped? Where is he when young people all over the world are being abused? The vulnerable being exploited shakes my faith to the core.

The case of the kidnapped Nigerian young girls is gut-churning horror played out in real-time on rolling twenty-four hour news scenes. They have been taken by the militant group Boko Haram who have threatened to sell these girls into slavery. It makes me wonder (for the umpteenth time) how it is possible to misunderstand the meaning of being Muslim and use it to legitimise the oppression of the most vulnerable.

It has got me thinking about faith and being a Muslim feminist, something I alluded tolast week.

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